BPA Parking Lot and Hoop Houses





Why do we have photos of the church parking lot? Because Battalion Pentacostal Assembly Church holds its annual health festival in this lot, with a main stage, audience seating and food tables.  This lot will be the center of our combined festival on the weekend of June 26 - 28.  In front of the church is Beach 67th St., a two-way street divided by a median.  One side of the street on the block between  Beach Channel Drive and Thursby Ave. will be closed to traffic for the event, and exhibitor tables will be set out on that side of the street. (Photos by Janet Soderberg)





















On the lot adjacent to the BPA Church building are two hoop houses - greenhouses made with plastic sheeting over a wood and steel pipe framework.  It is evidence that Pastor David Cockfield has been deeply committed to urban agriculture for many years. Growing Power is a national organization that has been promoting hoop houses like these in urban communities.